Sales & Support
HP: (0899) 000 2010
Local : (0542) 410247

EMERY HOSTING, established since 2009, is a Indonesia based company that focuses on web hosting services. We are dedicated to providing quality services, at prices affordable by anyone.

why choose us?

low cost

We keep our own operating costs low by automating nearly all administration, and by providing sales and support by email or phone only. The savings are passed directly to you. lots of features

We offer nearly every feature we can think of, for which normally you have to pay in other companies. All features are already included in your hosting package, no need to pay extra. high speed

We have two server based in Usa and Indonesia

easy payment

We will not ask you to prepay anything, and payment can be made anually. try before you buy

no minimum contract

You are never forced to use our services. If you are not satisfied, you can leave any time, for any reason.

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